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0 Art Talk | "All of Us are Artists!" by Bonnie Lou Prouty

photo credit: Pamela Fulcher
All of Us are Artists!

Being a human being includes the ability given to all of us at our birth; the ability to draw and create.

We begin to speak, to find our voice, to cry, yell, talk and sing as an infant growing into a toddler.

We as small children make marks and soon the marks become images of what we see.

Developmentally, we first draw an head, then attach arms to it. Later we include a body, hair, feet and hands.

Maturing, the drawing of images, processes to include our environment, houses, trees, pets and the sun and clouds.

We make pictures and our parents tape them to the refrigerator. As we grow this ability to draw develops and more detailed images are produced.

We are given this ability to create our personal visual language which naturally develops into a sophisticated interpretation of the world around us.

All of us have this “gift”, this “talent”!

As adults, whatever our age, we can pick up the skills which we have abandoned and enjoy creating and drawing again.

We can begin again to use our own personal images which our brain has conveniently stored for us. Just like the photographic images stored in our computer, we have our own personal set of images stored in our head.

More than that we also have the feeling and emotions stored along with them.

How wonderful it is to pull them out of storage and allow the process of drawing and creating our unique marks to resume again.
photo credit: Pamela Fulcher

All can draw, all can design and all of you are artists!!
Bonnie Lou Prouty is a resident of Rockport and a lifelong artist, graphic designer and teacher. Bonnie works in a variety of mediums and is currently represented by the Estelle Stair Gallery in Rockport.

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