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4 WWN Announces New E+ Award | First Recipient: Eling Real Estate

The WWN E+ Award is a new accolade for any local business who demonstrates eco-conscious business practice in an effort to help preserve the natural beauty of Rockport-Fulton.

The WWN E+ Award will recognize a local business who makes notable eco-conscious efforts through their daily practices, construction choices, community involvement, and more.

Community members are invited to nominate a local business for this prestigious award, and in doing so must outline their eco-conscious efforts in detail. The award will not be given on any particular timeline, simply when a business's efforts merit public recognition.

Our hope is that this award will foster an appreciation for eco-conscious efforts made by local businesses both by our citizens and by the business community at large.

Our First E+ Recipient: Eling Real Estate

The first recipient of the WWN E+ Award is Eling Real Estate. The Network would like to recognize Eling for its eco-conscious use of an existing structure to house its newest Rockport branch.

Many of us have been watching in awe over the past few months as they have dramatically reconfigured the former Stripes location into a posh real estate hub with a grand stone facade and ornate glass doors.

We commend Eling Real Estate for taking advantage of this wonderful location, and in doing so have helped to preserve our precious live oaks and repurpose an existing building in a prime location.

Congratulations Eling!

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Thank you from everyone at Eling Coastal for this honor.


Congratulations! What a wonderful thing.


And its truly beautiful inside also.!
Congratulations :)


As a Rockport resident, I to have watch the transformation of a once bland convenience store into one of the nicest buildings in Rockport. Thank you for what you did! T. A.

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