News Release | City of Rockport: "Garbage Customers Reminded of Bag Limits"

ROCKPORT, TX – Every garbage customer receives a list of rules when they subscribe to the service. In addition to requiring all trash to be bagged (regardless of whether they are in a container or not), these regulations govern the size, weight, and number of bags and containers,

  • Trash bags can be no larger than 30 gallons and must be securely tied. 
  • Garbage cans and other trash containers must be 33 gallons or smaller and have two handles.
  • No more than six bags per pickup.

Why are these rules important? First, when customers exceed the approximately 180 gallons of trash, neighbors near the end of the route may have the pickup of their garbage delayed by a day because the garbage truck packs out (i.e. fills up by weight or volume) before it can complete the route. The second reason is safety of the sanitation worker. Their job is physically demanding and back injuries are a leading cause of lost time accidents. Picking up a bag that is too heavy or bending down into or lifting a large garbage container to empty it can cause injuries to the back or other health problems.

Garbage Customers Reminded of Bag Limits

Republic Services has tried to be accommodating in the past by usually picking up bags that were heavier than allowed or in quantities of more than six. This extra level of service is beyond the terms required in their contract with the City and packing out before the end of the route has become more commonplace, negatively impacting other customers.

This time of year seems to be a “no win” situation for those who have oak trees in their yards. On one hand, if leaves to remain on the ground, you run the risk of killing your grass as well as the likelihood of the wind or rain whipping them into the storm water drains, which ultimately empty into Little Bay and have a negative impact on its water quality. On the other hand, nobody wants to store a large number of bags any longer than necessary.

So what are customers to do? Short of storing excess bags and parceling them out over multiple pickup days or a neighbor allowing you use their landscaping service to dispose of the bags, extra bags can be taken to the Aransas County Transfer Station at 870 Airport Road.

Unless you have a voucher for a free load (distributed on Saturdays beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Road and Bridge Department, 1931 Pearl Street/FM2165), there may be a fee. Call the Aransas County Environmental Health Department at (361) 790-0121 for information.

While the City understands the inherent difficulties of keeping up with the leaves and wanting to discard of them properly, the limit of 180 gallons of trash per pickup is binding for all City residents. It is the fair thing to do for your neighbors and your sanitation worker. The City appreciates your understanding and cooperation during this high-volume time. Please contact the Utility Billing Department at (361) 729-2213, ext. 234 if you have any questions.

Photos of Non-Compliance

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