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0 Pet Adoption | R/F Humane Society - Adorable Ambassa-dog Addy

Meet Adorable Miss Addy - our most enthusiastic Ambassa-dog to date. This young lady is well known at the shelter for her lively patrol route along the back corridor. Addy has taken it upon herself to make sure that everyone who needs to travel that hallway, either to go to a back pen, use the employee parking lot or pull something from the storage room, gets to their destination with an escort. She's the one who greets everyone with a Tiny-Paw High Five, a yippy little Hello and if you take too long to say Hi, she's libel to spring up to the window to be sure that you are OK and on your way.

This sturdy little body has the most beautiful brindled coat with golden highlights and her squished Pug face has the brightest eyes and sweetest smile and her active antics will have the whole family in giggles. And don't forget that because Addy's shiny coat is mostly black, she qualifies for the April Back in Black special of a $25 adoption fee.

Addy has been known to tolerate another canines, but she would really prefer to have you all to herself - you see, she needs to live up to her name. Addy is of Teutonic origin and means "Awe-inspiring; Nobility", It's quite fitting that she feels the need to lead the way down the hallway - there's no following for this girl. To meet Miss Addy and get a private tour of her domain, come on down to the shelter - she'll meet you at the back gate.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
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