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6 Recommendation Needed | Moving Boxes

I am getting ready to move and I would like to know if anyone has moving boxes they would like to give away or knows a good place to acquire some for free. Thanks! - Gladys



I have some if you still need them.


A few folks gave us a good tip...go to the local liquor stores and ask what day they put out their boxes. We did this, and it paid off big time! Good luck.


Thanks, I have been doing this, but need larger boxes for picture frames, etc. Just thought someone might have moved recently and would have a few of these they would like to give away rather than put in recycle. Gladys


I have been going to the liquor store to get the smaller boxes, but need larger ones for picture frames and large articles. Just thought someone might have moved recently and had a few of these and would like to give them to someone rather than recycle.


Well it's not free, but you may want to look into ULINE and order some. Their magazine is to me what Elle is to other women. He he. :)


I always have boxes and packing material available at Coastal Bend Health Foods. 111 N Austin St. It's on the south side of the building, adjacent to Latitudes parking lot and you can pick it up at anytime. Packing material is in the brown bin next to the boxes.

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