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3 Recommendation Needed | "What should I do to discourage little frogs?"

For the first time since we have lived here (2 years) our yard is inundated with tiny frogs. I understand they are beneficial (eat insects) but they are everywhere and starting to get in the house. Also my dogs want to eat them. How long do they stay and is there anything that will discourage them? Thank you, Jeanette



I was told a little salt and vinegar sprayed in your yard or home....but small amounts ... don't want to damage your yard either. Spray for mosquitos and knats ... taking away their food source or of course once it dries up they will leave on their own... they love wet areas.


Are they frogs or toads? We had this happen a number of years ago. they mostly just disappeared after a couple days without any intervention from us.


Luckily they grow up fast and hop away to live wherever they're going to live. In the meantime, all kinds of things like to eat them, so the numbers will drop soon enough. It's tough walking around, though, isn't it? They're all underfoot everywhere you go. It's a fine crop this year; we've missed them during the last few drought years. Such tiny, beautiful little things.

Wendy Laubach

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