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8 Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning

P.O. Box 1363
Rockport, Texas 78381
(361)549-5090 / (361)774-8037

We realize window cleaning is time consuming, difficult and sometimes dangerous to do and most likely is at the bottom of your “to do” list. This is one chore we can do for you and make your lovely home “SPARKLE”! We offer complete in & out cleaning or just the out. Call today for a free estimate.

Pressure washing exterior of your home in the Coastal Bend area. Removal of dirt, sand, salt, grime, algae, etc. Gutter Cleaning - Every year tons of debris fall from canopy trees covering homes with leaves, seeds, and twigs. Once clogged, the gutters and down spouts on your home are not working.

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Amazing 20/20 is well named. Your services are amazing. Thank you Larry and Sandra for the professional job you did at my home. Windows cleaned inside and out, gutters cleaned, drive and walk power washed. I appreciate that you show up when you say you will, you and your team are professional, polite, work quickly and the work is well done and reasonably priced! I highly recommend Amazing 20/20.
Barbara Gurtner


I agree. Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning washed our windows inside and out, powerwashed the patio and most importantly - a lot of wooly worm cocoons. They were professional and reasonably priced! I too highly recommend them.


"Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning has cleaned the windows at both our home in Rockport and also our home in West Sinton. We were most pleased with the professional manner in which Larry and Sandy worked. Our windows were quite a challenge and they came out looking beautiful! Thanks you so much!"

Diane Autry
Rockport, TX


They just did my windows and can't say enough GOOD about Amazing 20/20! They did a fabulous job and SO clean and quiet! You certainly won't be disappointed. I can hardly wait until my windows are dirty again!



20/20 Window cleaning is excellent. We used them last year and will use then again this year.


We use 20/20 regularly. They always come exactly on time with a large crew and get the whole job done fast with a minimum of fuss. If they branch out into other services I'll certainly give them a try on those, too, because they've got a great attitude. It's a pleasure to deal with them.

Wendy Laubach


Thanks to each one of you so much for your kind and gracious remarks on our services.


"Be sure to call Larry & Sandra. Fast and friendly service and they made my 1960 windows look great!"

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