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0 Art Talk | "The Artist’s Date" by Bonnie Lou Prouty

30"X 22" LAYER ACRYLIC, 2013
Do you ever think of the route you take on your daily or bi-weekly drive to do one’s errands?

It is almost like a beaten path.

You have probably two or three variations depending on your list of places to visit; the bank, the grocery, the post office, perhaps a hardware.

One travels these routes unseeingly, almost as a robot.

Driving while solving one’s personal dilemmas in your mind or even, (we hope not), talking on your telephone.

Most of the time we seem to be oblivious of our surroundings.

A book I have read and reread; “The Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron, suggests as one of the ways to develop creativity is to take yourself on an “Artist’s Date”.

She suggests that once a week we give ourselves a special treat of doing something that we think about doing but don’t. She feels that allowing something new to enter our perceptions will increase our awareness of environment around us.

This can be as simple as a different road home to drive by a beautiful garden we once remember seeing as a fleeting glance, never really looked at it.

It may be a quick stop at a new shop we remember seeing at the strip mall by the grocery which is full of colorful trinket things.

Perhaps a look at a small gallery in town where a new artist is showing his work.

Maybe getting a refreshing “smoothie”, at a new shop proclaiming “It’s Good for You”.

You heard that there were birds nesting on the beach, have you seen them?

We might take thirty minutes or so to park and stop and walk along a picturesque street, or along a part of a nature trail before we go home to our routine.

Would one or more of these small actions during your closely packed week make a difference in you, in your creative self? Or even make a difference in your physical and mental health?

Why not take a chance on it?

Give yourself an “Artist’s Date” this week and the results may surprise you!

Bonnie Lou Prouty is a resident of Rockport and a lifelong artist, graphic designer and teacher. Bonnie works in a variety of mediums and is currently represented by the Estelle Stair Gallery in Rockport.

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