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0 DONATE: Rockport Art Festival Artist, Robin Renee Hix, Lost Home and Studio in Wimberly Flooding


Photographer Robin Renee Hix's home, studio and livelihood were devastated Sunday, May 23, 2015 during epic flooding along the Blanco River in Wimberley, TX. Robin lives on a ridge above the river and the water reached, if not exceeded the peak of the roof. She is hoping to salvage her home and rebuild her garage. In addition to all her household items and two vehicles, Robin has lost 30 years of her art photographic images, current artwork and frames, her cameras, printing supplies and darkroom, plus countless art books and art supplies...everything she needs to support herself as a working artist. Luckily Robin was not home at the time of the flooding and her beloved 41 year old pet tortoise Darohl was found under the debris as well as her turtle Amarillo.

Robin does not have flood insurance as her house was not in the 100 year flood plain. Funds will go to salvage and rebuild her home and studio. Help get Robin back on the road to recovery and back to doing what she loves, being and supporting herself as an artist.

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