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6 Lost Dog | Yellow Lab Mix, Dumped by Stepson

Please help them find their lost female yellow Lab mix. She was dumped by an angry stepson. He stated he took her collar & tag off of her & dumped her. They are in anguish! Please help reunite them with their dog! (361)226-3283 or (817)907-6067



Any idea location?


Aransas pass. Apparently the stepson said he drove 100 miles out of Aransas Pass, but that is not for sure. Please share and keep an eye out around town for a yellow lab.


Oh no! what an awful thing to do! Hope this dog is found! Sadly it probably went willingly with this person never suspecting what was going to happen! Grrrrrrr Going to share on Facebook, to help spread the word.


If I were them, I would make the son submit to a lie detector test to determine what he actually did with the dog. She is described as a small lab, resembling a miniature lab, around 45 lbs. They are also concerned that he (the son) may have given the dog to someone, rather than dumping her. They want her back regardless. I am keeping an eye out everywhere I go, and pray they get Cali back!


I certainly will. I'm searching for my lost kitty everywhere and will keep an eye out for that pup. So sad. I don't know what's wrong with people anymore!


They need to file a police report. This act is animal cruelty. This evil act does not need to go unpunished!

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