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0 Pet Adoption | Humane Society R/F: It's Still Kit(ken) and Kaboodle Time!

We've adopted out a number of kittens in the last few weeks, but every time we do, another kitten pops up in its place. Yes, it's that time of the year and the Humane Society has kittens galore.

Here is Caroline, a bundle of joy and our most playful gray tabby female kitten you could ask for. But she is one of many. We have tortoiseshell kittens, we have light gray, dark gray and yellow orange tabbies. We have black kittens and a white kitten...we have black and white kittens. You name it, we have it, and they are just waiting to meet you and find a new home.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle St

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