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5 Recommendation Needed | Stay-In Dog/House Sitter

We are in need of a house/dog sitter who will sleep overnight at our house. Please leave a comment if you know someone in the area you can recommend. A great kennel for big dogs would be good too.  Thanks, Michelle



Call Gina Lucido
314 265 8100

Tell her Red recommended her.


Mack Forty 729-0000


Dorene Collins 361-229-5653


No, it's closed down after the owner passed away. :(


Dorene Collins who owns Main Street Yoga takes care of my Rottie and Lab when I go out of town, stays at my home. She also checks on them when I have MahJongg.
Big peace of mind. My Rottie is diabetic and Dorene can give her shots when I'm gone.My babies love her ! 361-229-5653
Penny Shephard

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