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3 Recommendation Needed | Vet That Doesn't Tack on Extra Costs for Medications

My current vet charges $15 more per pill than the online price for Trifexis, (dog heartworm and flea medication). The problem is they charge $15 for a prescription to purchase the pills elsewhere. Does anyone know a vet that will write a prescription for a dog that is his/her patient without tagging on a fee simply for the prescription? I am willing to change vets. Thanks, Pamela



Have you asked them why they do this? Perhaps it's tied into the service.....


It's because they're no longer making the money from the purchase of the meds. I paid up the 15 to get the script to purchase them elsewhere for less.

Switching vets will require the physical, tests, etc and still the same fees.


Some vets won't write scripts for out of area as they supposedly can't as they say it's outside of their license and do not practice there, well if that is the case the Company says they will take vets prescription by mail or faxed. Didn't know if it is true or not.

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