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0 The World According to Bella | "Catching Up on Spring at the Lake"

I was first on board. This was one ride I did not want to miss-first one of the season. I needed to check out the lake and what my neighbors were up to. I didn't care one bit it was cold and windy. I can report the following:
  • 7 loons enjoying a spring swim
  • 1 eagle and several sea gulls soaring overhead
  • the nearby resort looked deserted
  • no other boats were on the lake
  • the water temperature was 56 degrees
Sadly, I might have to start thinking about changing my behavior. I've been threatened already with loss of boating privileges due to what Mr. C and Mrs. S call out of control behavior. Seems they think I bark at every moving thing on the lake and in the sky. Last year I lost fishing privileges during the boating season and this year I wasn't even allowed out on fishing opener.

But you need to know how happy I am to be here. It was too warm for me out west with temps in the 90's and still wearing my fur coat. I've been busy exploring the woods. I redug my hole from last year out front though it keeps filling up with rain. When it isn't raining I'm on yard guard duty. I've managed to scare off deer, chipmunks, squirrels and even a raccoon. But this year I'm on high alert for porcupines. They've invaded our next-door neighbor's yard and eaten the bark off several trees. Having them hang out around the yard is a bit of a worry. Remember my painful encounter with one two years ago?

I'm looking forward to swimming, more boating, treats from Mrs. S's friends and mail. My first treat letter of the year arrived yesterday. See posting details on my secret admirer (last paragraph)

Life is good.
Love, Bella

Sue Ready

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