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0 WWN News: NEW Commenting System Installed / Video Tutorial

Hi Friends -- Alicia here. The #1 question we get asked about the WWN is "how can I make a comment?" For some, this has been a simple task, while other folks have had trouble changing their browser settings to allow the cookies necessary to comment...So we have been looking for alternatives for a very long time.

No system will be flawless, but we feel this new system will accommodate a wide variety of users. Some requests can be accommodated, while others simply won't be able to be accommodated due to 3rd party limitations.

The new system called "Disqus" is a widely used system across the web, and is safe and secure. Folks can seamlessly login using Facebook, or can create a "Guest User" login--all with a few clicks.

VIDEO TUTORIAL...Click to Watch!
(*To learn how to comment as GUEST USER, skip ahead to minute 3:17)

Check out this tutorial, to learn more about our new commenting system! It's a cinch! :D #rockport #wwnrockport http://wwnrockport.com
Posted by WWN Your Community Newsletter on Monday, May 11, 2015

To learn more click here: http://www.wwnrockport.com/p/site-features-and-faq.html#more

Leave a comment below to test it out!

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