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0 News Release, City of Rockport | "Rockport Opens CNG Stations For Entities and Commercial and Personal Use"

ROCKPORT, TX -- The City of Rockport introduced its new CNG facilities with a Grand Opening celebration on June 2. The main facility is located at 1845 Stadium Drive adjacent to the Community Center and Skate Park. The second facility is housed near the fleet storage area of Aransas County Independent School District between the middle and high schools and also includes a compressor and storage.

The Stadium Drive facility is a stand-alone fueling station for both commercial and personal-use CNG facilities. It offers 24/7 accessibility and a point-of-sale program that accepts credit card payments.

ACISD’s facility is for the sole use of its vehicles. Two busses are currently in use and two additional vehicles are in the process of being ordered. The City will receive a CNG pickup truck later this month for use by the City’s Public Works Department.

The City and ACISD entered into a mutual agreement for a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in 2014. The school district provided, via a lease agreement, the land for the stand-alone station and the ACISD facility. Funding for the project was made possible City of Rockport CNG Station through a Certificate of Obligation, which was issued in July 2014. Both entities will slowly be converting their vehicle fleets to CNG, which provides significant fuel savings, lower emissions, and lower maintenance costs.

Zeit Energy served as the City’s construction manager at risk. Design for the project was provided by TRC, a national engineering, consulting and construction management firm providing integrated services to the energy, environmental and infrastructure markets. Palacios Marine and Industrial was awarded the construction contract following the standard request for bids procedure. Total cost of the project was $1.8 million.

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