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0 News | Trip Advisor lists Rockport as “Destination on the Rise in 2015”

(ROCKPORT-FULTON, TX) A Trip Advisor Representative out of Needham, MA contacted the [Rockport-Fulton] Chamber letting the staff know they recently recognized Rockport as a top “Destination on the Rise in 2015.”

“Rockport showed an impressive increase in bookings within the last year, and was praised by travelers for being a family friendly destination with great beaches and playgrounds,” said Ashlee Centrella, Trip Advisor Business Development Director.

She explained that avid travelers have an innate curiosity to see the world. In the email she said, they’re constantly searching for the next best thing – or place – to experience and don’t always need to travel across the world to get it. She went on further to explain it often just takes a wave of vacationers to realize their inherent beauty.

TripAdvisor set out to find 30 of the fastest-growing vacation rental destinations in 2015. While some are better known than others, they’re all certainly trending in the right direction. We analyzed traveler behavior over the past year, identifying which US regions had strong increases in vacation rental popularity from 2014 to 2015.

These destinations are all gaining popularity while offering vacationers something special, like the picturesque mountains and charming beach towns of the East Coast, or the lakeside retreats and sun-drenched sanctuaries out west. Each spot provides a unique blend of outdoor recreation, kid-friendly attractions, entertainment, culture, arts, history and more.

These 30 regions received huge jumps in vacation rental interest over the past year.

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