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0 Roving Reporter | Public Art Honoring Rockport Earth Day & Red Fish Run Finished Downtown | Courtesy of Penny Hong

Our latest public art Downtown Rockport, all part of creating a "walkable community". Corner of Cornwall and S. Austin, across from Sea Shell Shop. Per info. in other posting, Kimmi Norvell Moake, owner of Coastal Bend Health Food Store there (and RHDA member), co-founded the Earth Day and Red Fish Run for two years. The proceeds went to RHDA for "downtown beautification". $1500 from two years Runs!

She designed this beautiful logo for the Runs showing the Earth, Texas Coast, and a Red Fish tail. RHDA & Kimmi commissioned a mosaic by local artist, Cheryl Henderson (in one of the photos), of Cheryl's Custom Creations, of the logo. Cheryl, by the way, will be at the July 4th Art Festival for the 3rd year in a row. Her Hummingbird mosaics are also awesome. This particular logo is quite special, however, to us. (A garden will also be going in - designed by RHDA member, Native Dave Nursery, and another mosaic of Native Dave's Daisy logo to balance this one will be commissioned.).

Our thanks, also, to Lee and Eric Copeland of Alan Lee Copeland Builders (a past President of RHDA) for the donation of new metal post & scaffolding, to Kimmi Norvell Moake, who painted the pole--and her store doors to match! -- a week ago today, and to Lee and his asst. Jimmy, who put the mosaic up last Monday! Also thanks to property owner, Al Johnson, and to the City of Rockport staff who gave permission (Al) and inspected (Public Works staff). Stay tuned for more enhancements downtown. (Text and Photos Courtesy of Penny Hong)

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