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0 Shared Link | "Victims Start Cleaning Up, Even as Rain Still Falls" via The NYT

Robin Renee Hix, The Rockport Art Festival Artist, of whom we shared a link where you can donate to her relief effort, was mentioned in this recent article in the New York Times:

WIMBERLEY, Tex. — The Blanco River runs past the house Sue Sweat has rented for 13 years, and “it’s usually ankle deep,” she said, low enough to walk across.

On Thursday, Ms. Sweat, 62, was holding on to a precious find, a black-and-white photograph from the 1950s of herself and her sister. It was one of the few things she and her friends had recovered, picking through what remained of her belongings after the tame stream outside became a raging beast, leaving her home gutted and mud-caked.

Full Article on NYT: http://nytimes.com/2015/05/29/us/texas-storm-floods-clean-up-even-as-rain-still-falls.html

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