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0 SPECIAL NOTICE from the City of Rockport - Flooding Conditions

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"The Rockport Police Department urges residents to use extreme caution if they must be on the roadways during heavy rain events. Low lying areas are not able to drain quickly due to ground saturation and higher water levels in the bays. Motorists should be alert for barricades and cones closing streets and be aware that it is against the law to ignore and go around these safety devices.

Please turn around if you see flooding conditions on any street. While they may not impose physical danger to you as an individual, there is a risk to your vehicle in terms of water damage or stalling. In addition, wakes from vehicles passing too fast through high water can damage nearby property and impair the vision of oncoming traffic. Please be considerate to others and drive slowly through any water."

Kevin Carruth, City Manager
City of Rockport
622 E. Market Street
Rockport, Texas 78382
Ph.: (361) 729-2213, ext. 221

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