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0 Pet Adoption | R/F Humane Society: "Texas" Is A True Friend!


Do you know how the state of Texas got it's name? Well, the story goes that when the Spanish explorers met up with the Caddo Indians, they were greeted with the word "tejas" meaning friend. The friendship philosophy is such a big part of local history that the Texas Legislature adopted Friendship as the state motto in 1930.

Now that you have some facts about our state, you might want some facts about our Dog of the Week, who just happens to be named Texas. This young Shepherd/Border Collie mix is fixed, chipped, up to date on all his shots and weighs in at about 18 lbs. He's also about the best friend anyone could ever ask for - he definitely lives up to his name!

The dictionary says that a friend is someone who: won't judge (ever meet a dog that did?), willing to take me the way I am (ever meet a dog that tried to change you?), is trustworthy (this boy looks you straight in the eye), is kind (think puppy kisses), is loyal (think definition of dog), who's company you enjoy (Texas is quite the goofball), laughs when you do (again, he's a goofball) and is there to listen (Texas will hang on to your every word!). So we think that this pup has been well named! His only problem is that it takes 2 to make a friendship - won't you be the second half of this awesome relationship? Come on down to the shelter to meet this guy & see if the friendship bond is there between the two of you.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
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