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0 Roving Reporter | Wind Way Gallery Reception, July 16, 2015 | Photos by Veronika Camehl

Wind Way Gallery on Austin Street was the place to be last Thursday afternoon (July 16, 2015), as the community of Rockport greeted Luis Purón’s (the new Executive Director of the Rockport Center for the Arts) family visiting from Mexico, Brownsville and San Antonio. Pictures taken by Veronika Camehl.

Jorge Purón (brother San Antonio), María Johnston (my Mom from Mexico), me, Patricia Johnston (my aunt from Mexico) and George Johnston (from Brownsville).
Guests included many wonderful patrons and supporters.
Pictured: Patsy Griggs, Susan O’Bryant, Sara Morrison, Diane Johnson and Susie Bracht Black
Wind Way Gallery Artists: June Ainsworth, Angalee DeForest, Anita Diebel, Susan Forrest, Lorrie Harrington, Caro Jackson, Sally Mitchell, Genie Mysorski, Diane Johnson and Betty Shamel.

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