The World According to Bella | "Life is Good at the Lake"

I'm having one of my best summers ever with lots of play dates, sleepovers and extra treats from Mrs. S's company. Last month Sadie's visit was a highlight. She brought her orthopedic memory foam pet bed. Needless to say I wanted it in the worst way. All day I kept trying to get a turn on it. But Sadie was not willing to share. I was so envious.

FINALLY my big chance came at bedtime. Sadie had to be in her kennel for the night. I circled the bed several times, plopped down and snuggled in for a good night's rest. No amount of coaxing from Mrs. S or Mr. C could make me budge. And I want you to know it was the best 10 hours of sleep I've ever had. I'm putting this orthopedic memory foam pet bed top of my Christmas list even above getting a camouflage backpack like the one Sadie got last year...

Sadie is an energetic English setter who always runs ahead of me on walks and runs off into the woods until she is called back. I did my best trying to keep up. Wrestling and chasing each other around the yard was the most fun. But I must say there really was one annoying thing. Sadie kept pawing my hole out front. So I was constantly repawing to get it back the way I liked it.

My biggest scare of the summer so far was surviving electrocution. Fortunately I lived to tell this tale. Mrs.S had company. I got invited along for the ride to see a nearby home with a fancy garden. The van was packed so I lost my usual riding spot to Deb and we had to share the same seat. I should have seen this as a bad start to this trip. The ladies oohed and aahed over the blooming flowers, which didn't look anything special to me. Guess they thought the bright yellow Lady Slippers were a big deal. As I moved in for a closer look I failed to see the wires. My nose touched-I YELPED in pain, surprised-jumped back and ran away. Really it was quite frightening and all Mrs. S's fault who FAILED to alert me the entire garden was wired to keep the deer out. My nose stung for the rest of the afternoon. Even extra doggie treats didn't cheer me up.

I love a parade and was first on board. I did not want to miss our annual 4th of July Lake Boat Parade. Some of Mrs. S's family were visiting and decorated the boat. I was super excited because my look-alike Mulligan came to spend the weekend with us. Mrs. S gave us different festive scarves to tell us apart. I got the one with stars.

I was worried Mr. C wouldn't stay on course so I stayed up front keeping him on track.

I was on my best behavior, which means I didn't do my usual, barking. We made a full circle of the lake. I counted 30 boats in the parade. Everyone on shore was real friendly as we passed by doing our "princess and paw wave."

Boating can be hard work. But I think I did a pretty good job keeping Mr.C on course. He looked pretty happy afterwards. Mulligan and me got a swim in and then it was time for some synchronized (Mrs. S helped me with the word) napping.

All and all my day was great. How was yours?

Love, Bella

Sue Ready

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