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0 Book Recommendation | "Fastest Things on Wings: Rescuing Hummingbirds in Hollywood" by Terry Masear | by Melody R.

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When did you first hear of this book?
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What's the gist?
Terry Masear is a phenomenal hummingbird "rehabber" in Southern California. In the past 10 years, she has received 40,000 calls and has rescued 5,000 hummingbirds. The cases read almost like mysteries, as you never know how the story will end. Many of the birds are brought to Terry in shoeboxes or nests--some as tiny as a small jelly bean. She rehabs some birds back from the brink of demise. Her stories are enticing and provocative because they draw the reader into the lives of hummingbirds and those who find them. We're introduced to "Gabriel," "Pepper" and the "Brown Sugar Twins," just to mention a few. In Southern California Terry is working with mostly Black Chins and Anna hummingbirds with the occasional Rufous, although she also gets calls as far as Ohio about helping Ruby Throats. Terry has devoted her life to these tiny works of art. Her stories are truly amazing!

Why is this a "must read?"
Anyone involved or interested in the hummingbird migration in Rockport will be introduced to what's being done to save hummingbirds on the west coast. You can never know enough! It is a must read for all birders.

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- Melody R.
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