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0 Pet Adoption | R/F Humane Society: Flo, A Mesmerizing Green Eyed Calico


I'm Flo, the calico. Flo is short for Florence, just like the beautiful city in Italy. I'm told I'm beautiful too with my pristine white fur and dramatic splashes of orange, cream and black. People particularly like the black smudge on my nose, my green eyes, and my ultra-friendly personality.

Calicos are special cats, and almost always girls. Females have two X chromosomes, one carries the orange/brown gene and one carries the black/gray gene. Since a male cat normally has only one X chromosome, he cannot have both colors together. There's a third chromosome that gives us the splashy look on white fur.

Calico cats considered lucky in Japan and other countries. I'd love to share my luck with you.
Come meet me at the Humane Society and let's get lucky together. I'm spayed, vaccinated and ready to go home today. What a lucky deal!

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle St

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