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0 Adventures of the Yellow School Bus / Roving Reporter | "Hummingbird Rescue" | 14 Photos by Candice Granger, Text by WWN Staff

9/14/15 -- The most amazing and heartwarming hummingbird experience happened to Candice this morning on the farm! She and her family discovered a trapped hummingbird in their large art studio! The poor little male Ruby had been stuck, flying around and around near the 15 foot ceiling for over an hour! Even though they had all 7 windows open in the large studio, he just couldn't find his way out, and they couldn't reach him. Everyone was worried! Finally, completely exhausted, he landed and clung tight to the side of the wall's installation to rest. Candice's husband Jim Bob got out their tallest ladder and climbed up to the little Ruby. He then picked him off the wall's installation very gently, dusted the cow webs off his little head, and then climbed down the ladder, feathered one in tow. Candice then walked him over to her nearby hummingbird feeder to take a drink. The little one woke up and began drinking the sweet feed immediately! After getting some much needed TLC, and a little quiet time in Candice's safe hands, we are happy to report that he buzzed off and on to a new adventure down South somewhere!

Poor baby!

He had cobwebs on his head! Awww.

"From here, he popped his eyes open, looked at us and zoomed up and over the trees! We all cheered!"

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