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0 Boating Adventures | "This Egrets 'Best Day Ever' " | Text and Photo by Vicki Totten

"If this picture had a thought bubble, I think it might be something like "best day ever." As I was passing by the bait shop near where our boat is docked, I casually glanced over and saw an unusual looking contraption in the water beside the dock. Someone had taken a red plastic laundry basket and wrapped an orange noodle around it to keep it above the water line. Inside the basket were dozens and dozen of fresh minnows.

A short time later, as I was headed back down the dock, I noticed this Egret perched on the edge of the noodle. As I stood observing him, I would see him dip his head into the basket and pull out a fresh minnow. I watched as he pulled minnow after minnow from the basket, quickly gulping them down one by one. I was headed to my bike, and decided that rather than informing the bait shop owner that he had a thief, I would let the Egret continue enjoying his bounty. After all, even Egrets deserve a day off occasionally." - Vicki Totten

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