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0 Roving Reporter | A Light Week is Starting to Look Up! #wwnbirdfeed | Several Snapshots to Check out!

It's been a light week in bird numbers on the WWN "Bird Feed" cam, Brought to you by Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning, but thanks to Taylor's 'plant additions' nearby and perhaps a little luck, we have a few more little ones making their debut on camera! In a few days we could be hopping, so stay tuned and come say hi! wwnrockportcam.com/live

Don't forget to share your pictures and footage with us at wwnimages@gmail.com and by tweeting with hashtag #wwnbirdfeed

Below, check out a great little sequence at 28:21. Thank you to Eileen for chatting with us in the chatroom this evening! Great to 'talk birds' with other 'bird nerds!' :)

"What is that thing starring at me?"

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