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0 Roving Reporter | "A group of over 30 concerned citizens met at the Library to discuss... | Text and 3 Photos by Karen Cline-Tardiff


"A group of over 30 concerned citizens met at the Aransas County Library to discuss the future of the 8 acres on Hwy 35 N known for its sweeping bent Live Oaks. This property is currently for sale and local citizens are concerned about the possible commercial development of this property. It is currently listed for approximately $3 million. It is considered a precious piece of land with legacy oaks. It lies immediately south of the Chilton-Taggart land, which hosts a rookery for migratory birds.

City Councilwoman Barbara Gurtner led the discussion. Members of the group had heard several rumors, including possible offers already made on the property. Several citizens wondered about the city or county taking possession of the property. Gurtner informed the group the City of Rockport was currently not in a position to purchase the property, although the city is interested in seeing the property not being developed commercially.

US Fish & Wildlife is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the current rookery & migratory birds in the area. Some discussion included sending letters or emailing officials with US Fish & Wildlife about taking control of the property. Other ideas including generating donations. Ultimately it was decided to approach Rockport City officials and the realtors to hopefully make contact with the owners to see if there was a possibility of preserving the property.

A Facebook group will be started and citizens interested in updates can request to be added to the email list. A link will be provided once the group is active. Please fill out the form found here to enter your information." - Karen Cline-Tardiff

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