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0 News Release | "City Saves Iconic Bent Oaks Property" via City of Rockport, Texas

The City of Rockport has taken a major step in preserving its natural resources and signature windswept oaks.  After a special closed meeting held on Tuesday, September 15, City Council authorized Mayor C.J. Wax to sign a letter of intent to purchase 8.856 acres of land containing some of the iconic bent oaks facing Little Bay.  On Thursday, the Mayor delivered the earnest money and contract for the property to the seller’s agent.  
Located at the intersection of Business 35 and Maple, the property also fronts Broadway and offers a panoramic view of Key Allegro and Little Bay.  Owned by an old Rockport family for more than 60 years but whose members now live out of town, the property was recently listed with a local real estate company for $2.95 million.  The windswept oaks also serve as a rookery for herons and egrets.
“This is not something that was planned for in our budget,” noted Mayor Wax.  “But the Council and the residents of Rockport felt it was important to conserve this particular parcel of land not only for its intrinsic beauty, but for residents and visitors to enjoy for generations.
The City of Rockport plans is working with local individuals and businesses, as well as state and national conservation agencies, to assist in the purchase of the property and its development as a public park.  More information on how the community can donate towards the purchase will be announced within the next two weeks.

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