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0 Roving Reporter | HummerMall in the Rockport-Fulton High School Commons | 15 Photos by Candice Granger

9/18/15 -- The HummerBird Festival kicked off Thursday evening with a well-attended opening reception at the Rockport Center for the Arts, and then today, numbers were strong as birders 'flocked' from all over to browse birding merchandise--both decorative and functional. ...and the backyard birds of Rockport-Fulton and elsewhere rejoiced because they knew that yummy food in a brand new feeder was on its way! :) Get out your binoculars...can you spot a Brown Bearded Booby? They are very rare, indeed.

Update, even though the festival and WWN "Bird Feed" Brought to you by Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning has concluded for this migration, folks are still welcome to share images and footage from their yards.  If you have pictures and/or video footage you would like to share, email us at wwnimages@gmail.com. Let's keep the sharing going!

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