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0 Roving Reporter | "Hummingbird Nest" | Photo by Pamela Fulcher, Text by WWN Staff

This amazing photograph was shared by Pamela Fulcher. She found this nest in her backyard in Rockport last month, with a tiny hummingbird on the ground. She placed the baby hummingbird close to the nest, but away from predators. She could see the mother trying to feed the young one. A happy ending: both mother and baby eventually flew off together.

Did you know that hummingbird mothers will use colored moss and twigs to camouflage the nest within the trees. The nest actually grows around the growing babies, who are no bigger than a small jelly bean!

Apparently after the mother and baby flew off, Pam was able to cut down the nest, where it was the most popular "show and tell" item in first grade...just ask her granddaughter. :)
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