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0 Shared Link | "A Granite Sculptor’s Last and Largest Work Completed in His Memory" via Hyperallergic

"On June 15, Jesús Moroles was driving from his home in Rockport, Texas, to Chickasha, Oklahoma, to continue work on the largest granite project of his career when he was killed in a car crash. The sculptor’s goliath works hewn in stone are installed throughout the United States, such as the step-pyramid “Houston Police Officers Memorial” (1991) that recedes into the earth, or the 64-ton “Lapstrake” (1987) sculpture with tiered granite towering 22 feet over Manhattan’s CBS Plaza on West 53rd Street across from the Museum of Modern Art.

At 65, he’d spent decades finessing delicate details in colossal sculptures, celebrating the formidable rock’s granular texture and luminous embedded crystals. They’re the kind of pieces that could survive centuries, with their abstract shapes and compositions"....READ MORE >>

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