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0 TRANSCRIPT | "Special Online Event! Chat with Author Terry Masear from the Los Angeles Hummingbird Rescue" Sept 11, 10AM CT

If you weren't able to join us for Friday's online chat, we have saved the transcript for you!  If you did join us, thank you so much for coming and participating in this special online event! Terry shared some really interesting information about what she does and the hummingbirds she helps to rehab.

If you are having trouble with the technology and have questions, feel free to ask Alicia at wwnwebmaster@gmail.com.

We will be switching chat services this week, so some of the issues with the chatbox we experienced will hopefully get resolved. We appreciate your patience. Thank you again to our sponsors for making this community event possible including our premiere sponsor Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning!

Our next special online event will be next Thursday, September 17 at 10am CT.

Don't forget to share images and footage from your yard by sending it to wwnimages@gmail.com or by tweeting with hashtag #wwnbirdfeed :)


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