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0 VIDEO from #wwnbirdfeed | "A Green Lizard Upsets a Hummer"

On the WWN "Bird Feed," Brought to you by Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning, we had an entertaining interaction between a hummer and a green lizard. The green lizard popped up on the poll, and made the hummer pretty upset! Pretty entertaining! Join us in the chatroom and say hi! wwnrockportcam.com/live

Plus, a Few Still Frames...

A Male Buff Bellied Hummingbird!

While the WWN "Bird Feed" Cam, Brought to you by Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning, was a little slow the last few days, across town some backyards are already "buzzing." Rhonda Cantu sent us this amazing video from her yard! See below.

It's always amazing how one part of town can have hummers in droves, when other parts are nearly dead. We do have a beautiful Buff Bellied male (in addition to several Rubies) who keeps gracing our feeders though. He's pretty enough that it makes watching hours of nothing worth it when you finally see him on cam. But don't worry...more are coming, and this happened last year too--when it was very slow and then it picked up a lot.

Thank you Rhonda! (If YOU would like to share video or pictures please email them to wwnimages@gmail.com PLEASE SHARE & Tweet with hashtag #wwnbirdfeed)

Thank you to all of our sponsors (and contributors) who make this community project possible!

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