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0 The World According to Bella | "An Unexpected Up North Adventure"

Mrs. S went crazy screaming, "Drop it! Drop it," I guess I was ruining her afternoon walk to the mailbox. My retriever instinct went to overdrive when a squirrel dashed in front of me. I was quick and faster than the squirrel. Mr. C thought my catch was impressive for a middle aged and overweight dog. I was proud and clenched my prize tightly in my jaws and headed quickly back down the road towards home. And I was not about to let anyone know I was unsure what to do next with this unexpected catch.

Personally I thought Mrs. S needed more self-control. She seemed totally undone over one limp squirrel hanging from my mouth. She ran off to a neighbor's house asking for a small piece of meat to make a trade with me thinking I'd drop my prize. But I was not about to bargain for a cheesy piece of pepperoni.

Next Mrs. S waves a neighbor down who is driving by. She seemed desperate for help but our neighbor just laughed and said not to worry. He knew all I wanted to do was bring my prize home and drop it in the grass. Then another neighbor drove by rolls her car window down and says, "Need help?" Well, I just ignored them all and kept on walking down the road.

By the time we finally got home Mrs. S was a wreck. She seemed sure now I'd feast on my prize. Lucky Mr. C was the calm one since Mrs. S was not coping well. He made a fair trade with me; a leftover hamburger just the right treat.

I heard them talking what to do next. I was sent inside. I looked out the window and watched them go deep into the woods.

After all that unexpected excitement I needed some serious nap time to calm down.

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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