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0 The World According to Bella | "Catching Up with Bella"

"A steady drizzle of rain on Halloween prevented me from going to the dog park parade. It was scheduled for 1:00. I breathed a silent prayer of thanks when Mrs. S announced she didn't want to be outside. I was saved by the rain from wearing an embarrassing costume complete with fairy wings, a really tight headband and an itchy tutu. When the trick or treaters showed up at the door Mrs. S let me wear my Texas outfit. What a relief! Really purple may be Mrs. S's favorite color but I rather like pink.

After my Halloween melt down my week did get better. Two days were really warm. At the dog park I got in my final swim of the season, chased balls from the Chuckit, ran through the park with Mulligan, chased squirrels and barked a chipmunk up a tree. But my time in the cities was brief and I was back at the lake just in time for my most dreaded local holiday deer opener. I was on high alert. Mr. C and Mrs. S were ready with their orange coats and hats. Even with a Velcro closing I had to be squeezed in for my orange neoprene vest to fit. The last six weeks have been brutal going through boot camp with extra walks, reduced meals and very few in between snacks. Just to lose a few pounds and the vest is still tight.

On day one of the deer opener I tried to hide from Mr. C who had to chase me around the house. I did not want to wear my orange neoprene vest. It's a tight fit and really orange is not my best color. But Mr. C assured me orange is the perfect color for the upcoming days if I wanted to take our walks. We stuck to the road and I decided it was best not to run off exploring the woods. We managed to make it back safely. I was happy not to hear one gunshot. But the afternoon walk was another story. Mrs. S joined us and we all were decked out in orange. We were only 10 minutes into the walk when the first shot went off. We kept on but at a slower pace. When the second and third shots were fired that was it. We all headed back. I had had enough. The safest place for me was inside or being tethered outside in the yard. I still have many more days left to be stuffed into this orange vest and many more days of worry that some crazy deer hunter might ambush me. So far 5 days into the deer season I've survived and lived to write this blog. Wish me luck and I'll keep you informed of any new developments."

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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