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0 Roving Reporter | TAMUCC Student Coalition as December ‘Bag Heroes’" | Skip the Plastic

"The Bag Hero Program is a campaign to educate and encourage the use of reusable shopping bags in the Coastal Bend. We recognize community members who set a positive example by bringing reusable bags when shopping for groceries or other goods.

Our December Bag Heroes are the members of the American Cetacean Society - TAMUCC Student Coalition. The American Cetacean Society strives to use strategic science and reason based action to effectively protect dolphins and whales and their habitats.

Members of the TAMUCC Student Coalition bring their own reusable bags because, “Regular plastic bags pose various threats to all different types of life – from small terrestrial animals that suffocate or become entangled to huge marine mammals, like whales and dolphins, that ingest the bags.” They also point out that, “Plastic bag litter also has a huge range, being found in the streets in the middle of continents and on the beaches of uninhabited islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.”

Take it from the future marine scientists of the American Cetacean Society. It’s time to bring our own bags!"

For more information visit http://skiptheplastic.org or call (361)765-4445.

The WWN is a Proud Partner of Skip the Plastic.

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