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1 Recommendation Needed | Stinky Towels

Stinky towels are my nemesis. And I know what you're thinking: "Well then, wash them." But alas, I have over and over again, and no matter what I do, over time my towels (always) smell mildewy...even when they are practically new. I have noticed this at family members' houses too, and also living at different locations, so I don't think it's a hard/soft water issue. I always hang my towels up to dry after showering, and wash them very frequently. Has anyone else noticed this strange phenomena? Does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Alicia

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We have lived on the coast for 12+ years and is an issue that always comes up IF I don't get the load COMPLETELY dry. I have a "very dry" setting on my dryer - anything else and the clothes will not get dry enough and smell mildewy.

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