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0 Behind The Scenes | "I LOVE Aransas Bay!" | Article and 3 Photos by Stephen Fisher

"I just LOVE Aransas Bay! I LOVE it so much that I try to make photographs of it most days.

Sometimes I get asked “Don’t you ever get tired or bored shooting the same thing every day?” That’s an easy answer for me…

Aransas Bay is brand new every day. As a matter of fact, no two mornings are ever the same. It’s a living, breathing, constantly changing ecosystem that has many moods.

She can be fickle. Aransas Bay changes every day with the weather. Her sky can be crystal clear…not a cloud to be seen anywhere. Or, it can be so fogged in you can’t see anything. Some days the sunrises can be an explosion of color on the eastern horizon. Sometimes they’re just a fizzle…

Her waters can be smooth as glass some days. If the prevailing winds from the southeast really pipe up, that mirror on the water becomes a confused boiling pot. Very angry...swirling from all directions. Let a strong wind come in from the north, and all of the water gets blown out of the bay.

So no…I never get bored or tired photographing Aransas Bay. It’s like being taken to a new place every day…" - Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher and his wife Sharon have lived in Rockport for almost 5 years. Stephen Is a full time nature photographer with gallery representations here in Rockport and in Corpus Christi. Their favorite question is “What took us so long to get here to Rockport?”

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