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0 Local Profile | "4 Questions with Candace Kern"

1. Where and how did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I lived with both of my parents and younger sister. We were a simple, middle income family, who enjoyed camping and fishing.

2. How did your upbringing affect what you do for a living now? 

In high school I was an athletic trainer. I gained basic knowledge of the human anatomy, CPR, first aid, as well as care and management of sports injuries. I use most of that training in my practice today. My “upbringing” didn’t so much affect what I do for a living today. However, spending quality time with family, developing a love for nature (particularly fishing), is what led me to Rockport.

3. What brought you to Rockport-Fulton (and how does it differs from where you have lived previously)?

My parents had a good friend who owned one of the first homes in Key Allegro. We were fortunate enough to stay in that home on a few family vacations. I fell in love with salt water fishing, Port Aransas beach, and the thought of having a home on a canal! While living in San Antonio the past 10 years, we came to Rockport to fish every chance we got. My husband Matthew recently enrolled into Corpus Christi A & M to become a Nurse Practitioner. We sold our home in San Antonio and moved to Rockport full time.

How it differs? Well, there are many ways Amarillo and Rockport are SO different. Though Amarillo isn’t terrible, I prefer hot weather and water. Preferably saltwater.

4. What are your passions? 

There are so many! Spending time with Matthew, especially while fly fishing for Red Fish. I currently hold the IGFA women’s world record red fish on a fly, 20lbs test line. We also do a bit of bow hunting. I run, do weightlifting and yoga weekly. In my profession as a massage therapist, I enjoy helping others feel better from stress and injuries. It is very rewarding to give a client relief, as well as become a part of their health/wellness plan.

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