Local Profile | 4 Questions with Lisa Kaye

1. Where (and how) did you grow up?

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. At age 16 I moved with my family to a very rural area of Kentucky. I felt like I had stepped into a photo and became a part of the past, and very much an outsider since I think we were the only family in that little town that did not have relatives there. Everything was so different, and to them I was different. I talked different, I dressed different, I had different ideas.

2. How did your upbringing affect what you do for a living now?

Being the oldest child I took care of my 2 little sisters, and babysat for neighbors. I cannot remember a time when I was not taking care of someone. After marrying and leaving home, I still had my sisters quite a bit, raised my children, helped with a grandchild and took care of my mother until she passed away.

I retired from the medical field in 2011. It was the perfect job for me, as I was still taking care or people. Apparently it's what I do best! Now it's my turn to take care of me (and my husband) and enjoy life!

3. What brought you to Rockport-Fulton (and how does it differ from where you have lived previously)?

While vacationing on N. Padre Island we happened upon Rockport several years ago. My husband, Dirk, and I both loved the small town atmosphere and the friendly people. We both liked that there are so many small businesses that are not owned by big companies. Of course the nearby beach was a major pull! 

We returned a few more times and decided this was where we wanted to retire. The people are so welcoming and accepting of everyone. I felt like I had "came home, to where I really belong." I never felt that way living in the town I lived in for 30 plus years. I just existed there. Done my job, and went home. There was nothing to do that brought the people together. Only one festival each year and no community events. People did not speak to anyone, and here strangers will talk to you. I like that!

I have now lived in Rockport for almost a year and a half. I have had so many wonderful things happen for me, that never would have happened where I had lived before this move. There is so much to do here.

People are starting to recognize my card making abilities, something I could never get any interest in, in my Kentucky home town.
I have recently been asked to take over the Plant Exchange that is held once a month. I consider that a great honor, as well as a learning experience for myself.

4. What are your passions?

My passions, besides my family and my little dog "Laci Marie" are flower gardens, which I am having to learn over again, as planting here is not like planting in Kentucky.

I also make my own greeting cards. I have one room in the house dedicated to card making.
Photography is also a major passion for me. I got my first camera at age 10 with Bazooka Bubble Gum wrappers! I have never had any professional training, but still enjoy taking photos. Maybe some day I will take some classes.

Learning about the birds here is a new hobby for me. Anything I enjoy doing, I do with great passion!

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