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0 REUNITED! Lost Dog | Lost Brindle and White English bulldog in Fulton, REWARD!

"I cannot thank my neighborhood, neighbors, and the entire coastal bend for helping me share the word about my sweet Tank! Tonight I received a call that Tank had been spotted in Dickinson, Texas after a month of being missing. I decided to follow my gut and take a road trip where I met some of the nicest and most professional police officers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They helped me track down the truck that was described by my neighbor in a terrible neighborhood and there he was; in a nasty, chicken-infested, drug house. My poor baby is terrified, covered in cuts and scabs, but SO happy to be back with his momma. Everyone told me to give up, but for once my persistence paid off. We have a long drive home, but I will sleep so good tonight. Thank you everyone!!!!"

My male English bulldog was taken from Fulton Texas on Friday, February 5th around 5 pm. A man in a small truck was seen with him around the Fulton harbor. He is brindle and white and is my son's best friend. There is a REWARD for his safe return home - no questions asked!! Stormy Brock

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