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0 Rockport Cultural Arts District Initiative | "Rockport is seeking a Cultural Arts Designation..."

Rockport is seeking a Cultural Arts Designation from the Texas Commission on the Arts for its Heritage District. This designation would place the city among 28 other districts and acknowledge the wealth of cultural assets in the community.

The Rockport Heritage District Association has agreed to be the sponsor of the CAD, joining with a group of civic, business and creative citizens on a Steering Committee consisting of Jennifer Day, Chairperson, Luis Puron, Executive Director of The Rockport Center for the Arts; Stan Armstrong; Kay Betz; Mitch Wess and Susan Wax.

Penny Hong, President of the RHDA, said, "The RHDA has been working with the community and the City since 2005, when the Rockport Heritage District was created by the City. The City's Master Plan for The Heritage District and Downtown Rockport was adopted in 2006 and has been the guidance for further revitalization since. We're committed to helping revitalize downtown as a walkable community and foster smart growth. Being designated as a CAD would leverage what we've done and further the implementation of the City's Master Plan vision. This designation will also make us eligible for additional state grants."

The Steering Committee, begun as an exploratory group by the Rockport Center for the Arts, submitted a Letter of Intent to present a formal application in June. Jennifer Day, Chairperson, stated, "We are already known as a cultural destination with our wealth of art, history, entertainment and natural resources. This designation will add to our being recognized as one of the top ten coastal art colonies and one of the one hundred best small art towns. RCA's collection of public sculpture in their Sculpture Garden, and our support of local artists and galleries, add to Rockport's reputation as a nationally-known art destination."

The Steering Committee's next step is to find out what is important to residents for this district. Public meetings will be announced and held to develop a cultural plan for the district.

(Shared by Jennifer Day)

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