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0 Roving Reporter / Community Chat | "Ban Fireworks" by Valerie K.

I'm calling for a ban on fireworks. I'm a resident of Aransas county where the use of fireworks is getting out of hand. One question is, why are they selling them in February? It's bad enough we have to put up with them on certain holidays. My reasons, hearing them all night, during the day, it doesn't matter. Pets have to be tranquilized, fire hazard, the loud explosion some of these put out, you think someone's house blew up! Hearing that at midnight can almost give you a heart attack. Is it a lot to ask that people be considerate? Well I guess it is, they're not. What is wrong with going to the displays the city offers during appropriate holidays? Are we going to have to put up with this everyday now? Fireworks in February? - Valerie K.

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