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0 The World According to Bella | "Alive and Well in Arizona"

Well I've managed to survive eight whole weeks in Arizona without getting lost in the desert or being attacked by javelinas and coyotes. And now I have a new worry, rattlesnakes that are coming out. Oh, I should tell you my paws have endured many blistering hot afternoons walking on the pavement. For seven weeks I was under new management with only Mrs. S taking care of me while Mr. C recuperated. He is off crutches and hardly needs a cane. He walks almost like a normal Mr. C now so maybe he will be able to take me on walks soon.

Mrs. S found Anamax Bark Park for us. It's a good place to use my Chuckit toy. But I did worry the other day when Mrs. S got knocked over by a big dog. She didn't see him charging for the ball that was being thrown to me. She is fine but then I got to thinking, what if something happened to Mrs. S who would take me out for walks?

I have to give credit to Mrs. S who has been trying to think up fun stuff for us to do. One day we went to the Saguaro National Park. It was a real safe trip for me as Mrs S drove the nine mile loop through the desert. We got to see these enormous cacti. I liked the idea we were inside the van looking out at all those scary desert critters I still have nightmares about.

But the best trip so far for me was Tombstone. It had a dog friendly restaurant. I got my own bowl of water and a milk bone. But I was disappointed there was no pretend gunfights on main street after Mrs. S told me the OK Corral story. I really didn't understand who was killed and why. You'd think they all could get along. Two policemen nearby had on really big cowboy hats. They looked like they were keeping a careful watch on anyone who might make trouble. Mrs. S kept a tight hold on my leash.

I am beginning to wonder when Mr. C and Mrs. S are planning to leave. It's getting pretty hot here. I've been gone so long from home I've shed a lot of my fur coat and I know it's colder in Minnesota than Arizona. I miss Sadie, Chunk, Wally and Mulligan. No one has sent me any mail. I hope they haven't forgotten me.

Love, Bella

(Sue Ready)

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