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0 Behind The Scenes | "We Need to Stop and Smell The Roses" | Article and 4 Photos by Stephen Fisher

Sometimes we fall into the trap and start to take Rockport/Fulton for granted. After all, we get to see it every day. We live here...

The truth of the matter is that tourists from all over the world come to Rockport. Yes…this little slice of heaven here on the Coastal Bend is a vacation destination for hundreds of thousands of individuals, couples, and families looking for a true "getaway."

So what’s the “Rockport” draw? How much time do you have for me to name them all? We have it all here in Rockport!

Beautiful sunrises...
Dreamy sunsets…

Charming beaches…

And boats, marinas, and bait stands everywhere…
And so much more. Great restaurants. fishing, bird watching, art, museums, and on and on.

So…slow down the next time your driving or walking around our town. You might just miss out on what others spend their hard-earned vacation time and dollars getting to see.

Stephen Fisher and his wife Sharon have lived in Rockport for almost 5 years. Stephen Is a full time nature photographer with gallery representations here in Rockport and in Corpus Christi. Their favorite question is “What took us so long to get here to Rockport?”

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