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0 Roving Reporter | "Recently it has been brought to our attention..." | by Christy Tinsley Ilfrey of NativeDave

Recently it has been brought to our attention that someone posing as a representative of our company has made contact with some of our clients. He is an independent contractor who worked on several of our projects, and while we appreciated his contributions, we decided to discontinue the relationship. To protect his privacy, I will not divulge his name nor elaborate on all the reasons we terminated this relationship. When we parted ways, we believed it was on good terms and even offered to recommend him to new clients requesting lawn maintenance. That offer is hereby withdrawn based on his recent activities.

The only official representatives of NativeDave.com are David or me (and of course, Sage!), and Robert Chronister, who is an employee and member of our family. If anyone contacts you or claims to be a representative of our company, please notify David or me immediately. We appreciate the continued support of our clients, friends, and extended community as we pursue our mission to conserve, preserve, restore, and celebrate Texas. - Christy Tinsley Ilfrey

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