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0 EXCLUSIVE: Rockport Center for the Arts Proposes Plan to Purchase Property for Downtown Campus

Read on for Full Digital Presentation
During a Rockport City Council meeting last Tuesday night (April 12, 2016), Luis Purón, Executive Director of Rockport Center for the Arts, presented a proposal to City Council where in the Art Center would purchase property in historic downtown Rockport for "future development of a new and improved Art Center facility."

Below is the official letter presented to City Council on behalf of the Rockport Center for the Arts, as well as the digital presentation shown during the meeting by Mr. Purón.

Honorable Mayor and Distinguished Members of Council:

On February 9, 2016 Rockport Center for the Arts escrowed a real estate contract for the following two sets of property that sit adjacent to North St.: 106 S. Austin St. (on the North side of North St.); and 204 S. Austin St. and 203 Water St. (on the South side of North St.) in Rockport, Texas. The escrowed contract has a feasibility period of 90 days, which expires May 9, 2016.

Original Letter on Letterhead
The Art Center is considering purchasing these properties for future development of a new and improved Art Center facility. The vision is to create a campus environment between the two properties by using North St. as a safe pedestrian walkway. To accomplish that vision we are petitioning the City of Rockport for a long-term lease or an outright purchase of North St. to bridge the aforementioned properties. North St. would become a landscaped pedestrian walkway that will comply with the line of sight requirements in the City of Rockport’s Master Plan and provide an easement for the passage of emergency vehicles.

Inclusion of North St. in the overall vision for this development weighs heavily on the Art Center’s decision to purchase the properties. The deadline for this decision is May 9, 2016.

There are many benefits to having the Art Center in a high visibility location in the Heritage District. The Art Center’s marketing efforts for programs, events and festivals have been successful for over four and half decades and reach an established customer base of over 35,000 constituents. This project will revitalize an important sector of the community and it will have a positive economic domino-effect for the downtown area as a whole.

Respectfully yours,

Luis Purón
Executive Director

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