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0 Roving Reporter | "The Palette of Spring" | Photos and Text by Lisa Kaye

"I am amazed at how perfectly the colors of wildflowers blooming next to each other always seem to be just the right color combination. I just love the wild and care free flowers that bloom without any care. They ask for nothing, yet give so much for anyone willing to take the time to admire them. This series of photos was taken along my driveway.

The ground has came alive, pushing forth tiny flowers who nod their heads with the warm winds, and smile brightly as they face the sun. They are here to let us know Spring has arrived.

It's time for a new beginning, a time to rejoice in all that nature has to given.

Don't forget to enjoy it, and take the time to live!

Looks like all these blues are trying to "cool off" the "hot head" in the middle!

"Cool" color combo, so refreshing!

"Warm" color combo, with just a touch of pink to "spice things up a little."

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